It is superior to understand that the few of the approaches which people use result from these kind of principles while you don’t ever want to lower preferred education to a succession of tactics.

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How to write an essay, beginners guidance

How to write an essay: secrets for beginners

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An essay is a creative work whose author could be anyone. We’ll show you how to write an essay and make common mistakes. In this article you will find all necessary information about the features of the genre, as well as useful tips for beginners.

What is an essay

What is the essay as a genre? The word having a Latin origin, came into Russian language from French. Word for word “essay” means an attempt, experience, sketch.

An essay is a small prose tale in which the author expresses his impressions, thoughts or reflections. To properly write a story, you need to know about its genre characteristics.

The characteristics of the genre

Free composition, ease of the narrative.

The theme is one and it is defined exactly, but the problem in the framework disclosed in detail.

One feels the author’s position, subjective evaluation.

Thoughts and feelings come to the fore.

The style of the text is spoken. The essence of the terms are not disclosed, long absent wording.

A relatively small amount, (of certain rules the number of pages does not exist).

For those who want to learn how to write a story properly, you need to consider that many confuse an essay with essay. But they are different genres. The essay does not provide for expression of the author’s position, and requires neutrality. Essays, on the contrary, based on the author’s experiences, surprising readers with paradoxes, candor, vivid imagery.

The structure of the essay writing style

Despite the fact that it’s a free genre, he has a few requirements and some structure. Writers who know all about how to write stories, I suggest you listen to these tesam regardless of the topic.

Form of presentation of ideas – concise abstracts, after which must follow the arguments.

The word “argument” sounds serious, but it refers to the usual story elements – life examples, personal experiences, opinions of scholars, historical or scientific facts. The optimal number of such evidence – two. One to convince, not enough, and three can “pinch”.

Plan essay looks like this:

The introductory part

The main part:

Thesis argument


How to write an essay: useful tips for beginners

The text should be read easily. This can be achieved by alternating short and long sentences, and using unions instead of punctuation marks (dash, colon).

Not to misuse difficult words, slang, narrow vocabulary.

Avoid clichés, hackneyed phrases, empty expressions. They “take” the work of the author’s personality.

Not to forget the humor and irony, but not abuse them.

To adhere to the chosen themes, to be consistent in its disclosure. Not to deviate from the main idea.

To dilute the story with memories, impressions, stories from his life experience.

How to choose a topic to write a story

When deciding on the topic that most often offer a choice, you need to look two steps ahead. Namely, what skills must demonstrate the text. That is, it is better to take the topic where you can show all your knowledge, strengths, professional quality. For example, singers come to auditions contemporary music competitions to the songs that they like. They teach the ones that best reveal their vocals, charisma, theatrical skills.

How to start an essay: 3 tips

To start an essay using the techniques of free writing (pirating). The method consists in that a person records everything coming into the mind thoughts. Without a filter, edits or revision. At first this process may seem like a stream of consciousness. But in the future these ideas will a lot to help, for example, to answer the question, what and how to write an essay.

That is, it is not necessary to think that to commit to paper or a text document. You just need to start to do it, a phrase will come, otherwise you can never make the first move.

Paradoxically, the introduction is best written at the end of the work. Always want it to be interesting, so you can get stuck already on the first line. It is better to return to it, when the main part is already in place. Then it will be clear what you need to bring readers.

How to write a story without a hitch? To begin the story with a question. And all the following text to present in the form of answer.

Typical mistakes

All authors working with the text, allow similar errors. Here are the most common.

Fear that the words will seem incomprehensible, forcing you to remove the most interesting parts of the text. As a result, after such revisions may remain nondescript job, not much different from other similar.

Long uninteresting Preface, or no output.

Verbosity, excessive prolixity of the text.

Migration of other people’s opinions without analysis or reflection on them.

Congestion thesis, the lack of arguments – the text seems inconsistent.

The misunderstanding or improper interpretation.

How to check an essay

About the author of the essay can say a lot. For example, to determine the level of development of his creative thinking, ability to Express thoughts in writingform, to create a common understanding of personality.

There are several criteria by which to evaluate works written in this genre.

Knowledge of the theory, the characteristics of the genre.

General erudition knowledge of the actual material used vocabulary.

Meaning – if completely disclosed the subject, have you resolved the main problem.

The construction of the text – clarity of the words, literacy, argumentation, logic.

This article is a real crib for those who want to quickly learn how to write an essay, following all the laws of the genre. Keeping our tips, hints and warnings, not only to write the story perfectly, but also to help others.


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